Alexander & Associates is a design and technical services company that values collaborative relationships, engaged employees, and a passion to deliver the highest quality, best value solutions to our clients.


Our mission is to deliver technical services, design, and equipment resulting in a competitive advantage to our clients while sustaining a healthy thriving business environment.

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Al Alexander - Cincinnati Milling Machine

Al Alexander (left), founder of Alexander and Associates, Cincinnati Milling Machine, 1945

Alexander and Associates (A&A) was founded by Al Alexander in 1943. The company began operations with only four employees in a small 800 square foot office, located at 822 Delta Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. The focus of the new company was machine tool design for a primary client – Cincinnati Milling Machine Company.

In the early years, Alexander and Associates quickly developed a strong reputation for delivering quality results while completing each project on-time and within budget. By 1960, Alexander and Associates had grown to 25 employees and was purchased by Werner Jessen. In addition to his vast experience, Werner brought a new vision to the company, focusing on expansion of the existing client base beyond the strong machine tool industry in Cincinnati. Under his leadership, and with support and input from a key employee, Alex McLennan, Alexander and Associates began working with clients on proprietary prototype machine design projects and quickly evolved into a company with extensive capabilities in designing specialized machinery.

Alex McLennan, Al Whitney, and owner Werner Jessen, in our Silverton Office. Alex and Al gained part ownership in 1978.

Alex McLennan, Al Whitney, and owner Werner Jessen, in our Silverton Office. Alex and Al gained part ownership in 1978.

As a company, Alexander and Associates has established a strategic approach of developing leaders from within our company by  acknowledging key employees through recognition, appreciation, and opportunities for ownership in the company. In 1988 Alex McLennan, who had been an employee and mechanical leader in the company since 1962, purchased full ownership of Alexander and Associates. Alex continued to expand the capabilities of the company, while developing new strategies to meet our client’s needs in the most cost-effective manner.

In 1997, a group of 4 key employees consisting of Tom Luebbe, Tom Rowe, Don McLennan, and Ken Gentry, purchased ownership of the company. This contemporary system of group ownership has allowed the expression of individual ideas in a collaborative environment that is free and spirited yet continually driven by the needs of our customers. The participation of partnership in turn created a technical environment that stimulated growth and aided the company in advancing progressively in a multitude of technical disciplines.

A significant event in the evolution of the company occurred in 2004 when Alexander and Associates purchased a 14,500 sq. ft. secure technical facility in Reading, Ohio. Relocating to this new building allowed the company’s design business to continue to grow in a facility that is centrally located to our customers in the Cincinnati area. In 2007, continuing the philosophy of building the company through employee ownership, Mike Garman, Barry Kluener, Russ Miller, and Bob Stock, each considered to be a dedicated key employee, also purchased ownership in the company.

Alexander & Associates Corporate Office

The managing members of A&A had long been looking for the opportunity to create a new development facility to augment the design business. It was determined that the company could better meet the development needs of our customers if we had a facility that was specifically focused on equipment development. So, the managing partners, along with another key employee, Ed Fasold, created Alexander and Associates Development in 2007. The launch of this new venture allowed A&A to provide our clients with a full-service design/build prototyping and testing facility. The immediate success of this new endeavor led to substantial growth, and in 2011, the company acquired a 48,000 sq. ft. secure shop facility on Este Avenue in Cincinnati as the new home of A&A Development.

In 2018, again following the strategic approach of developing leaders from within our company, Paul Misali and Matt Luebbe joined the ownership group.

The current ownership of Alexander and Associates includes our President, Russ Miller, and our Vice Presidents Mike Garman, Bob Stock, Barry Kluener, Paul Misali  and Matt Luebbe, with Tom Luebbe serving on our Board of Directors. With our quality leadership team and diversity of skills, coupled with our engineering/design services and our prototyping and testing facilities, Alexander and Associates is uniquely positioned to provide everything necessary to address the equipment requirements of our clients.

These are the reasons why Alexander & Associates Co. is your best choice.


As with most top-performing companies, their employees are their greatest asset and A&A is no different. Our skilled staff has access to the latest technologies to support our clients. A&A internal systems of mentoring, training and promoting from within insure the continuous development of our staff.


Our documented Corporate Quality Assurance Program is built into every standard A&A work process and not just a “final check” at the end of the project. This means every activity throughout the life of every project has in-process checks and requirements to insure a quality product. As a backbone of our QA Program is a continuous improvement process to challenge staff to find better methods to achieve our quality objectives.


While we pride ourselves in keeping our support rates very competitive, value cannot be measured in cost alone. In addition to our Technical Expertise and QA program, A&A encourages our support staff to evaluate a client’s work request for potential savings opportunities. This may be in the form of reduced design/engineering, equipment costs, operation costs, maintenance cost, and/or schedule. It’s this creative way of interpreting project execution that provides Best Value to our client.


Our ability to handle sensitive product and process information is essential to our clients. All A&A facilities have electronic surveillance and security system with key-fob only access into and within the facility. Access to electronic project information is secured on the A&A server system and restricted to only those individuals assigned to the project. Physical separation of project efforts can be provided when desired by our clients.


Within the range of services and support provided by Alexander & Associates, we understand every project can be unique. While applying our proven work systems and processes, it’s our ability to understand a project’s uniqueness and our ability to remain flexible in delivering a quality product that sets A&A apart from others in the business.


If you would like to learn more about Alexander & Associates and how we can help you with your project needs, please call us at (513) 731-7800 or email us. We would be glad to put you in touch with a member of our staff.