Employee Recognition – David Burkett



On behalf of A&A I would like to take a minute to recognize David Burkett for his outstanding work on a developmental packaging project for our biggest client. Russ Miller received the following email from out customer regarding some of the support that David provided:


Wanted to pass along a note to you so you hear as well, but overall, wanted to commend David on the support he has provided the Cape site with over the course of our ***** work. I can’t say enough good things about the work that he has done here and how much we have appreciated his support through the startup. Certainly goes above and beyond with the support in terms of being available, training, flexibility to schedule and hours and scope of work. Although he is deemed the electrical resource, there isn’t one person by themselves that I’d rather have here to support ***** on a startup. He fills as much as the mechanical void that was as well as the electrical resource role.

It’s quite obvious that David is providing our client with outstanding service. It’s efforts like this that keep our customers coming back.

Nicely done David and many thanks.


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