Employee Recognition – Greg Veldhaus



On behalf of A&A I would like to take a minute to recognize Greg Veldhaus on a recent support effort that he worked on. Greg’s supervisor received the following email from Greg’s co-worker:

Dear Dave,


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Greg’s help with the ****** workload. The past 5 years have been very stressful here with 5 super-critical units going through controls upgrades. We are currently going through the last phase of controls projects in the coal yard and water treatment areas. These are not on such a short timeline as the unit controls projects were. It is nice to work 40 hour weeks again. We would have never been on schedule without everything he did to help me out. Greg lived out here at Gibson Station for 6 months and didn’t complain. Since being back in Cincinnati he has cancelled days off when the work load has become critical to meet a deadline. He communicates well with me and many times that is my only way of knowing what is going on with A&A. He is a good draftsman and I think he has picked up a few design skills along the way.


I believe that local *** is very happy with the product we delivered and Greg and myself are a big part of that. I can’t stress enough that we couldn’t have pulled this work off without all of our efforts. I appreciate that you also did not pull Greg from ****** work anymore than you had to. So if you see Greg please give him a pat on the back for me.


Thanks so much again,


Greg, it’s nice to see the great effort, teamwork and sacrifice you exhibit. Thanks again for all your efforts.


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