Employee Recognition – Greg Hornsby and Quentin Shafer



On behalf of A&A I would like to take a minute to recognize Greg Hornsby and Quentin Shafer for their work on the current guarding project at Este. This project has introduced a new technology to A&A by utilizing point cloud data from 3D scanning for auditing hundreds of different locations on a very large and complex machine. Greg worked intimately with a vendor to understand the requirements of this technology and develop an internal process to measure and utilize this data to lead the designs of the guards. Quentin has been doing the designs on the guards using this point cloud data for the entirety of the project. We were also given the opportunity to quote the fabrication work and were able to build prototype and production parts for this project. Through both of their hard work (and others who have worked on this project), the team was able to install the first full category of guards without issue. The customer has repeatedly praised the work and has stated they were amazed that it all went together “without using a tape measure once”. Thanks to Greg and Quentin for all the hard work.


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